Hypnosis as a smoking cessation aid

Wednesday, February 01, 2012 | By Marco Frankle | 0 Comments | Stop Smoking
Hypnosis as a smoking cessation aid

Everyone agrees that smoking cessation is a herculean task. It is said that your degree of perception of a problem determines your chances of finding a solution to it. Most problems and addictions do not find solutions because we concentrate only on the problem. Firstly, the problem with its factsheet must be accepted. It shouldn’t be surprising that most people with problems do not accept that they have a problem. Once the acceptance phase has been crossed, you must concentrate on all the possible solutions – conventional or unconventional to the problem.

Hypnosis is a form of concentrated relaxation. It makes use of the subconscious mind to help the person relax. It opens a medium which can be used to make a person believe a projected reality. This kind of projections can be a great aid to help smokers facing difficulty to quit the habit. Though an unconventional approach to smoking cessation, it can be effective since most conventional smoking cessation aids do not have a long term effect. Hypnosis can be combined with other smoking cessation treatments to produce long lasting effects for smokers. The process involves relaxing a person using a trusted hypnotist. A projected reality depicting the patient as a successful smoking quitter or as a non-smoker can be used to make the person believe he has quit smoking.

Hypnosis is not new to medical science and has been used as an effective tool to treat the psychological causes of a disease of patients. Hypnosis with smoking cessation aids can work out great to help smokers to quit smoking.

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