Use low-risk birth control pills

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 | By Marco Frankle | 0 Comments | Women's Health
Low risk birth control pills

Birth control pills have gathered enough controversy since the time they were introduced in the market. In fact, contraception itself faced enough criticism from the so-called ‘moral police’ during their introduction in the global markets. These were followed by several lawsuits for the hazards posed by the use of birth control pills. Several paid and unpaid customers from the rival manufacturers created enough storm to keep the contraception market at their toes. The side effects were magnified to the extent that these pills were deemed as killer pills.

As they say – good things last the worst of the storms, birth control pills still emerged as one of the most preferred forms of contraception. They reached markets which were deemed as impenetrable. They were affordable in the nations with medium scale economies. They were highly effective and boasted of a 99% success rate among all its users. Over time, certain ingredients used in the pills showed some serious concerns. The results were for real or manipulated is still not clear, but the claimed effects are serious enough to motivate women to heed to the topic. One of the major ingredients that have come under the scanner is the drospirenone. The reports claim that the pill containing this ingredient carries an increased risk of blood clots. Several lawsuits against the pill manufacturers have added to the concern of daily users of these pills.

Birth control pills have one major active ingredient and the working of these pills is very much similar in nature. Women should prefer pills such as Cerazette, Marvelon, Cilest and Microgynon till the controversies are cleared.

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