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Quit smoking for healthy life

Smoking Cessation

The greatest preventable cause of death in the world is smoking. The World Health Organization says smoking causes more health problems than obesity and alcoholism. Luckily, there are several quit smoking pills available for men and women who are over the age of 18. Smoking cessation pills like Champix are often recommended in addition to behavioral support therapy to relieve some of the stress that occurs when trying to give up cigarettes.


In as little as 12 weeks, you can quit smoking. Simply buy Champix online from ClickMed. The most effective smoking cessation drug is available to you after completing our free and confidential online consultation. Our doctor will determine if Champix is right for you by examining your health and medical history. If our doctor thinks it is the right medication for you, a prescription will be issued and passed on to our pharmacy. Using overnight delivery, your medication will be shipped to your door free of charge.

Champix is a proven to help you quit smoking. You are more likely to quit for good using Champix than any other stop smoking pills. Champix prevents the cravings from smoking withdrawal and stops you from enjoying a cigarette.

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The most successful quit-smoking medication available is Champix. Smokers are more likely to quit while taking Champix than any other medication available, including nicotine replacement patches, gums and pills and Zyban.

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Effects of smoking

Nicotine, the highly addictive ingredient in cigarettes makes them so hard to permanently quit. Smoking cigarettes puts you at risk to a number of long-term health conditions. Each year, there are over 114,000 smoking related deaths in the EU. Of those, 42,800 are the result of cancer and 30,600 are the result of cardiovascular disease. Smoking cigarettes not only puts you at risk. It also puts the people around you in danger of second-hand smoke. Using stop smoking pills or other treatments can greatly help you quit cigarettes and lower your risk of developing heart problems, chronic lung disease and emphysema. It can also save the people around you from future health problems.

Smoking-related health problems

According to the British Medical Association, up to 120,000 men suffer from impotent as a result of smoking. This unhealthy habit stops blood from flowing into the penile tissues and prevents the penis from getting an erection. If you quit smoking, your blood vessels return to normal. Quit smoking pills can help you quit and are hugely beneficial.

Heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure can also result from smoking. It can stain your teeth and gums and cause ulcers. A smoking cessation treatment to stop smoking can reduce the risk of lung cancer and help improve your breathing.

Smoking cessation treatments

Consult your GP or speak to one of our registered doctors online to find out which smoking cessation treatment is best for you. It is never too late to quit smoking.

While some people can give up smoking 'cold turkey,' cravings and mood swings can sometimes get out of hand. ClickMed offers a variety of treatments to UK residents that can help. Nicotine replacement aids like patches, gums and pills are the most popular over-the-counter solutions. But, prescription medication and behavioral therapy can lead to long-term results. One of the most effective smoking cessation medications is Champix.

Can I buy Champix online?

You can buy Champix smoking cessation pills online from ClickMed. In as little as 12 weeks you can kick the smoking habit. This reliable smoking cessation drug is available for order after you complete our confidential online consultation. Simply answer some questions about your health and lifestyle and one of our registered doctors will make sure this is the right treatment for you. If approved, your medication will be sent to you with free overnight delivery.

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